A Little Goes A Long Way

Inspired by traditions, our environment and the need to slow fashion production, I formed Toadstool Tots to incorporate all of these factors, along with my love of vintage, to create a children’s clothing brand that is beautiful as well as thoughtful.

I source vintage and recycled fabrics from local outlets to ensure they are given a second chance and to prevent them from being put to waste. And these, along with reused buttons, trims and other materials are what I put into my inspired designs. Each piece is carefully handmade to last, as well as being beautiful and often truly unique.

Join me in my little pocket of the Slow Fashion movement where we see beauty in the old, quality in handmade and longevity in reuse. 

With love,



One of my great loves.

I'm bringing Toadstool Tots back in this direction as it's truly where my heart lies. Even though I have new ideas, I'm going back to designing the way I like it, with limited quantities and one off pieces that are made to last in traditional and unique styles.

Join me in my creative journey as I mix my love of creating with the slow fashion movement, and lets all be inspired to care again.


This means so many things to so many people. It could be as little as a fresh bar of your favourite soap or as large as a grand sparkling new yacht. But here at Toadstool Tots it's not about extravagance or material objects. Its about quality and attention to detail. Refined skills mixed with elegance and style. It involves great care being taken over each and every item and working on them till they meet our high standards.
We are a luxury brand because we care about our products, in the same way that we care about the materials used to make them. 
Our luxury means product longevity, enjoyment and above all, customer satisfaction.


This is the most important factor here at Toadstool Tots. Not only do I hand-make all the items myself, but I design them all too. This doesn't just mean that the fabrics, trims and finishes have been picked especially for a particular style, it also means that the patterns have been created by hand as well. Each one has been imagined, drawn, scaled, checked and cut - so they all fit with my particular and unique style.